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Welcome to the Okinawa Karate Academy

We have classes in Uechi-ryu Karate, fitness training and Qi Gong. Uechi-ryu is a discipline of
Okinawan karate which combines soft circular blocks with hard, linear strikes, and intensive body
conditioning. It is a system of self-defense which prepares the practitioner to overcome
challenges, whether from an opponent or from the trials of everyday life. Our goal in practicing
Uechi-ryu is to promote health, achieve full control of our bodies, thoughts, and emotions, to be
agile and firm, and to preserve a youthful attitude and spirit.
The Style was brought to Okinawa from Southern China by the famous Grand Master
Kanbun Uechi. Master Uechi returned to Okinawa in 1910, and ever since then his
system of "tiger, crane, and dragon" has been passed down through hand picked and
dedicated students until the present day in Okinawa. The key characteristics of
Uechi-ryu (Uechi's karate style) are the qualities that each of these three animals
symbolize: Tiger for strength and vigor, crane for softness and graciousness, and
dragon for swiftness and unpredictability. The ultimate trademark of this karate
system, however, is "
San chin", a form of isometric contractions synchronized with a
specific way to breathing and spiritual concentration, the core of the entire system.

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