Young Children's Little Tigers Program
The Little Tigers Program, designed specifically for children ages 4-6, teaches eight major skills designed to improve a
preschool child's basic motor, social and listening skills through positive reinforcement and enjoyable social interaction. The
Little Tigers learn how to focus on the task at hand, work cooperatively with others and how to follow directions from their
instructor. These valuable skills can help children become better disciplined, better listeners, and a better students in school.
Children advance to the next level once the basics are mastered and begin to learn five karate form or katas.

Children's Martial Arts Program
Our children's martial arts program teaches children ages 6-15 the fundamental principles of Karate (self-respect, confidence,
and physical well-being) in a safe and nurturing environment. Children begin by learning the proper methods of stretching and
exercise to keep their bodies health. They are taught the basic Uechi-Ryu blocks and strikes, the primary combination
techniques, and the first five forms of two person sparring. The focus of this training is to build a confident child capable of
controlling his or her body and mind.

             Rank and Testing
Uechi-ryu students begin at the rank of 10 kyu (white belt). As they advance, they proceed lower in kyu rank, with corresponding
belt colors, until they reach 1 kyu (brown belt). The black belt ranks, for advanced there, the Dan ranks simply count up, using
the Okinawan terms for the numbers. So we call a second degree black belt a Nidan. ("Ni"= two), a third-degree belt a Sandan
("San"= three), and so on.

When the sensei knows that a student is ready to test for the next rank, he will recommend that the student test, and prepare
him accordingly. Before a student may test for Shodan, his instructor must introduce him to two Okikukai seminars. One is
usually about six months before the Shodan test; the other is usually just before the test.
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Children karate class schedule:
Thursdays: 4:45-5:45
Tuesday, Friday 6-7pm

Young Children's Little Tigers Program
Tuesday, Friday 5-5:45
Thursday class for the more mature
Tigers 4:45-5:45