Hilltop Dojo
3025 Research Drive
Richmond CA,94806
Tel: 510-691-8266
Monthly Fee:
Adults             $80
Children          $60
Little Tigers  $50
Second family member       %30 discount
Additional family members %50 discount
Private Session: up to two people
4 one hour sessions   $200
8 half hour sessions  $250
One hour                     $60
Half hour                    $35
Test and promotional fees:
Little Tigers:    $15 inclueds belt
Kyu ranks:         $25 includes belt
Dan Ranks:       Based on Okinawan
Association standards.
Karate Class schedules:
Mondays             7:30-9pm
Wednesdays       7:30-9pm
Fridays               7:30-9pm
Sundays              4-5:30pm
Children: 7-15 years old
Tuesdays             6 to 7pm
           6 to 7pm
Fridays                6
:15 to 7:15pm
Little Tigers: 4-8 years old
Tuesdays           5 to 5:45pm
hursdays          5 to 5:45pm
Strength and Fitness Training:
Mondays and Thursdays    12 - 1pm