Mehran Has been a member of the Okinawa Karate Association since it's origin in 1989. His instructor, Master Ahti Kand died in 2001,
Mehran has continued his training under the tutelage of Master Tsutomu Nakahodo of OKIKUKAI.
Mehran was the president of the West Coast Okinawa Karate Association from 2008-2012. The present president of the association is
Mr. Dave Sargent.
Mehran is a certified Group fitness trainer with AFAA, certified fitness trainer, specialist in Senior
Fitness, Exercise Therapy and Certified Youth Fitness trainer with ISSA(International Sports
Science Association), also certified as master instructor (Okinawa Karate Association) in Uechi Ryu
Karate,  with over 20 years experience in teaching Martial Arts and Chi Gong.

Mehran was born in 1950 in Tehran, Iran. He has a BA in American Studies from Castleton State
College in Vermont. Married to Claire since 1976,  son and daughter and grandson.

Mehran began his Uechi Ryu training in 1971 received his first belt in 76 as Uechi Ryu Shodan.
During the years of military 76-79 he trained in ShotoKan Karate and was a member of the ISKF
under Kanazawa Sensei. He has studied Shaolin under Dr. Y. C. Chiang and Chi Gong under
master Hui Liu of the Wen WU school of Martial Arts.