1) Sanchin integrates all parts of the stance.
2) Sanchin masters the basic breathing method.
3) Sanchin trains the eyes to be penetrating and to develop
accurate insight.
4) Sanchin cultivates spiritual concentration and focus.
5) Sanchin builds a strong physique.
The key word toward understanding Sanchin is
"integration". Proper stance anchors the you to the floor,
while proper concentration and breathing integrate all body
Proper eye contact demonstrates uninterrupted
awareness, focusing the mind on every area of attack of
the opponent. To develop a strong and integrated Sanchin
kata is to forge a well honed and ordered self.
Sanchin,(the three battles) introduces the use of "qi" for
training applications.  The focus in training is on the
controlled breathing to generate Chi in the body.
A Chinese and Okinawan form of exercise for longevity.
Sanchin hardens the muscles, strengthens the immune
system, stimulates qi and blood circulation, improves
internal balance and revitalizes mind and body. In essence
the practice of Sanchin promotes health and strength.
Sanchin strengthens the body and  develops the elasticity and rejuvenation of fascia in the entire body“. Originally it was
used to keep away inner and outer injuries. Nowadays we use this exercise to improve our immune system. It corrects bad
body posture and dissolves unfavourable habits in movements. These postures strengthen the tendons and bones, and
create an inner “Qi pressure“ in the lower abdomen and will increase the capability to collect energy. Sanchin practice will
help to open the pelvis and exercise the psoas muscle group. This is the best method to address and fire up individual and
group muscles in the body.
•        Kidney breathing
•        creating the Qi belt
•        Packing energy in the major internal organs
•        Energizer Breathing with standing meditation
•        activating the Fascia web.